[PyQt] QSystemTrayIcon not working with py2exe

"V. Armando Solé" sole at esrf.fr
Tue Apr 27 16:23:22 BST 2010

Sebastian Elsner wrote:
> Hey,
> Ok here is the solution: If I use a png with pyrcc it works, whereas 
> it does not when using an ico file wit pyrcc. Using an ico works when 
> not using pyrcc and but copying the pyqtdir/plugins/imageformats to 
> the py2exe distribution folder.
> This is weird. Any explanation?
I do not use py2exe but cx_freeze and it is almost exactly the same.

I solve it adding the imageformats to my frozen application directory 
AND making sure a proper qt.conf file is added.

For the explanation, just google for "using qt.conf"

Best regards,


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