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oups, I forgot to reply to all

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I never used drawBackground
but I think that you have to re-implement it in your class


def drawBackground(self, painter, rect):

about layers, I think you should look at "parent".
you can create an item, and specify its parent (will be another item).

for exemple, one graphicsItem can be a blue rectangle.
and then, you can create 10 other items (like circles, or something else),
and set the blue rectangle as parent of circles.

in a way, you have a layer.

2010/4/30 Christopher M. Nahler <christopher.nahler at papermodels.at>

I am working through the Rapid GUI book already and have tons of printouts
> of the api documentation on my desk right now :-)
> I am dissecting the diagramscene from the examples and the pagedesigner
> from the book.
> I will check if I find more insight to layers in the book
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