[PyQt] QPropertyAnimation called from another thread

Martin Airs camberwell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 14 01:23:00 BST 2010

Well I finally got it working, I just created a QObject to emit a signal 
passing the nick and ip as arguments

class emitter(QtCore.QObject):
     def __init__(self):
     def send(self, nick, ip):
         self.emit(QtCore.SIGNAL("mysig(QString,QString)"), nick, ip)

then I connected the signal to myapp.creatUserTile with..

QtCore.SIGNAL("mysig(QString,QString)"), myapp.createUserTile)

then in the Client thread I can...


that enabled me to start the animation from within the parent thread

sorry is this list meant for end user support, or is it more for devs 
and internal matters?


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