[PyQt] PyQt crash on windows soon after instantiating Qt objects

Blaine Bell blaine.bell at schrodinger.com
Sun Dec 12 01:38:42 GMT 2010


I have two objects that are each subclassing QGraphicsView and 
QMainWindow, and I am getting the same behavior for both.  Soon after I 
instantiate one of these objects, the process crashes.  I have found 
that the event(QEvent *) function gets called quite a few times, then 
the crash happens when the event type equals QEvent::Polish (i.e., 75).  
Has anyone seen this before, or does anyone know what could be causing 
this problem?  This happens soon after I instantiate these objects, and 
I do not do anything else with the object (i.e., I do not show() it yet)



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