[PyQt] segfault using daily snapshot

Erik Janssens Erik.Janssens at conceptive.be
Mon Dec 13 23:08:34 GMT 2010

Hello Phil,

one of my stress-test revealed a segfault occuring occasionaly.

I'm using a build of the latest qt release + pyqt snapshots.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce it yet with
a debug build.

Unless this stacktrace rings a bell somewhere, I'll try to
investigate it further...


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Backtrace thread 1

#0  0x030e9ac9 in QMetaObject::removeGuard(QObject**) () from /home/tw55413/workspaces/bootstrapper/trunk/linux2/install/lib/libQtCore.so.4
#1  0x016c9d9e in ?? () from /opt/cpd/lib/python2.7/site-packages/PyQt4/QtCore.so
#2  0x00419043 in ?? () from /opt/cpd/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sip.so
#3  0x00419081 in ?? () from /opt/cpd/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sip.so
#4  0x080ab970 in subtype_dealloc (self=0x426ff4) at Objects/typeobject.c:1002
#5  0x08093a75 in _PyTrash_destroy_chain () at Objects/object.c:2418
#6  0x0808f0d9 in insertdict (mp=0x859adfc, key=0xb76e01a0, hash=<value optimized out>, value=0xa338ecc) at Objects/dictobject.c:530
#7  0x08091347 in PyDict_SetItem (op=0x859adfc, key=0xb76e01a0, value=0xa338ecc) at Objects/dictobject.c:775
#8  0x08095dbf in PyObject_GenericSetAttr (obj=0x859b4cc, name=0xb76e01a0, value=0xa338ecc) at Objects/object.c:1511
#9  0x08094a85 in PyObject_SetAttr (v=0x859b4cc, name=0xb76e01a0, value=0xa338ecc) at Objects/object.c:1245
#10 0x080e2158 in PyEval_EvalFrameEx (f=0xb4705dc, throwflag=0) at Python/ceval.c:2003
#11 0x080e5bcd in fast_function (f=0xac1f8cc, throwflag=0) at Python/ceval.c:4098
#12 call_function (f=0xac1f8cc, throwflag=0) at Python/ceval.c:4033
#13 PyEval_EvalFrameEx (f=0xac1f8cc, throwflag=0) at Python/ceval.c:2665
#14 0x080e6639 in PyEval_EvalCodeEx (co=0x8454410, globals=0x8413934, locals=0x0, args=0xa6485f8, argcount=2, kws=0xb76c0038, kwcount=0, defs=0x0, defcount=0, closure=0x0) at Python/ceval.c:3252

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