[PyQt] Sudoku Grid - Recommended Approaches

David Boddie dboddie at trolltech.com
Thu Feb 4 11:33:23 GMT 2010

On Thu Feb 4 11:13:16 GMT 2010, Doug Bell wrote:

> Why not?  If the QTableWidgetItem's size hint and the QTableWidget's
> size policy are set appropriately, they should be square.  See the
> pixelator example (included with PyQt) for an example of a square grid
> (although it uses the model-view versions of the classes).
> This should be easier and more efficient than your other options.

I seem to remember that tables were used in the C++ code for this article:


Note that the author was digging a bit deeper into the model/view framework,
so I wouldn't necessarily recommend that a beginner use exactly the same

However, it does show that it should be possible to achieve the desired
result with a table and a bit of customization.


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