[PyQt] PyQt 4.7 available for the Maemo platform

Attila Csipa pyqt at csipa.in.rs
Tue Feb 9 22:41:28 GMT 2010

I'm pleased to announce PyQt4.7 has reached Maemo's[1] Extras[2] repository, 
making it possible for the first time in Maemo history to write Python based Qt 
applications for end-users. The most important points of the current port 

 * Qt 4.5 AND Qt 4.6 - PyQt for maemo follows the Qt deployment roadmap (i.e. 
4.5 support in Extras and 4.6 support in Extras-devel[3])

 * N800/N810/N900 support - yes, it's available and works on all Maemo devices 
except for the 770

 * Now with a proper demo package - no command line magic needed to start 
dabbling with PyQt - just download python2.5-qt4-doc from the application 
manager and you get a demo tour application plus all necessary modules and 
docs to start basic development

 * OpenGL ES support - unlike previous versions, this one sports QtOpenGL 
support (you might need additional GL packages !)

 * Synchronized with upstream 4.7 - this means excellent compatibility with 
desktop PyQt applications. Special thanks to Phil Thompson for all the help 
and cooperation, hopefully trunk will benefit from our feedback as well :)

 * Smallest footprint - Uses the least amount of memory from all available Qt 

Enjoy !



[1] Maemo is Nokia's embedded Linux platform, used on devices like the N800, 
N810 and N900

[2] Extras  is the repository for "stable", publicly available community 
supported software

[3] Extras-devel contains software under development, a bit like Debian's 
unstable repository

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