[PyQt] strange scrolling behavior everywhere

Peter Schmidtke pschmidtke at mmb.pcb.ub.es
Tue Feb 16 13:32:12 GMT 2010

Dear PyQt community,

I have several widgets in my MainWindow (desinged with QtDesigner), like a
QTableView and some QPlainTextEdit, where I enable automatic scrollbars
(not as seperate widget) if necessary. 
The thing is, when scrolling is needed, scrollbars appear, but the
scrolling behavior is strange. For instance for my vertical scrollbars when
you click left with the mouse wherever on the scrollbar it is scrolling
down. But I can not drag the slider to scroll. Furthermore when you click
right on it, you have menu, for where to scroll (top, bottom etc..)

Is there a way to get a more "normal" behaviour of the scrollbars without
implementing them as separated widgets and controlling their action by
"hand", that is to say with in python, by capturing the sliding events

Thanks in advance.

Peter Schmidtke

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