[PyQt] Open Embedded python-sip recipe question

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Mon Feb 22 02:16:30 GMT 2010

On Monday 22 February 2010, ed wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 01:40 +0100, David Boddie wrote:

> > Maybe this is the cause of the missing sip.so. Those error messages are
> > surprising - which version of Python is being used to run the tasks?
> My host system is Ubuntu 9.04 and I am running Python 2.6.2

OK. Maybe something in the


file needs to be updated to raise a proper class-based exception rather
than the string exception it does currently.

Could it be that it is trying to give you this error?

  No Python in STAGING_INCDIR. Forgot to build python-native ?

> > Sorry, I don't know. :-( I think you might get some detailed help on an
> > OpenEmbedded mailing list, or if you ask the person who committed the
> > recipes for SIP.
> Asked already on OE, no response.  Phil Thomson wrote the pyqt recipe
> not sure if he did the sip recipe.

I notice that Phil's surname is spelled incorrectly in the AUTHOR field, so
perhaps someone else actually wrote the recipe. :-/


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