[PyQt] Using same code for windows and linux ?

Jebagnana Das jebagnanadas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 20:54:43 GMT 2010

Hello all,

I developed the GUI (using pyqt) in windows and used setGeometry to position
the widgets.. When i tried to run the same code in linux it looks

And added to that in windows the font size of 8 seems good.. But in linux
especially in ubuntu it doesn't appear well since the font size is 10 by
default.. One among the notable differences are the border of the group box
doesn't appear in linux while it is visible in windows..

My question is,is there a way that i can make the same code to get the same
look and feel in windows and linux irrespective of the font and size changes
and other differences?? In future if i port my application to Mac will the
same code work there too?? or should i have to maintain the separate code
for each by checking with platform.system()="windows" or "linux"..

Pyqt experts please help me to get out of this confusion.. Thanks in
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