[PyQt] QColorDialog in a graphics scene

Tom Batkiewicz tom at priority5.com
Thu Jun 3 15:35:47 BST 2010

Hello all,

I've been trying to embed a QColorDialog into a QGraphicsScene using a
QProxyWidget.  This works as expected with a QFileDialog, but with a
QColorDialog a second window is created for the color dialog, though the
dialog is rendered inside of the graphics scene.  Dragging around this extra
window moves the dialog inside the graphics scene.  I've attached a simple
code snippet that demonstrates the issue, just change the commenting on the
lines with the dialog creation to switch between QFileDialog and

Environment: Win XP, Python 2.6.2, PyQt 4.7, SIP 4.10 ,QT 4.6.2

Thanks for any help!

- Tom
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