[PyQt] can't get findChild to work

Danny Shevitz shevitz at lanl.gov
Tue Jun 8 23:29:53 BST 2010



Another newbie question here. I am trying to get findChild to work. The code
I am trying is 



print app.allWidgets()


print "in ElicitorPage, mdiArea = ",  mdiArea


As can be seen, I am getting the global application object, then printing
all of its widgets (it is an MDI application with 

a QMdiArea widget as the central widget). Then I try to find the QMdiArea
widget. I don't believe I need a name in findChild

since the defaults to "" which matches all instances. I also tried with a
name, and it didn't work for me anyway. In any case, here is the output

of the code:


[<PyQt4.QtGui.QMenu object at 0x013F4108>, <PyQt4.QtGui.QMenu object at
0x013F4078>,  .

 <PyQt4.QtGui.QMdiArea object at 0x013D1AE0>]

in ElicitorPage, mdiArea =  None


As you can see, there is clearly a QMdiArea widget in app.allWidgets, and
yet the findChild method doesn't return it.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?





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