[PyQt] Master-detail relationship with plain QTableView tables (no SQL database)

Vadym Honcharuk intereco at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 18:15:54 BST 2010

thanks a lot, Mark!

I made the following things:

from MainForm

QtCore.SIGNAL("currentRowChanged(QModelIndex, QModelIndex)"),


 def frmTableFilter(self):
	index = self.ui.srcTable.currentIndex()
	if index.isValid():

	    row = index.row()
	    srcCode = self.srcTableModel.data(self.srcTableModel.index(row,
SRCCODE)).toString()    # take ID as text what required by QRegExp

	    filterFrmTable = QtGui.QSortFilterProxyModel() # forming model
            regExp = QtCore.QRegExp(srcCode,
QtCore.Qt.CaseInsensitive) # make filter
            filterFrmTable.setFilterRegExp(regExp) # use filter

Seems work correctly and enought simple and shortly but I not sure if
it's right way...

with best regards,

2010/6/17 Mark Summerfield <list at qtrac.plus.com>:
> On 2010-06-14, Vadym Honcharuk wrote:
>> thank you, Mark!
>> one more question about applying filter in the context of
>> QSortFilterProxyModel:
> [snip]
>> Question what method is analog of SQL setFilter() in context of
>> QSortFilterProxyModel?
> There are two approaches you can take with QSortFilterProxyModel. The
> easiest is to just create an instance and then use the setFilter*()
> methods. Alternatively, create a QSortFilterProxyModel subclass and
> reimplement filterAcceptsRow() returning True for rows that should be
> accepted and False for those that should be dropped.
> [snip]
> BTW I devote four chapters of my forthcoming book, "Advanced Qt
> Programming", to Qt's model/view classes---the book is C++-based but
> many of the concepts and idioms can easily be translated into PyQt.
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