[PyQt] newbie question about slots and signals

Robin Wittler real at the-real.org
Thu Jun 17 19:17:18 BST 2010

On 06/17/2010 08:07 PM, Darryl Wallace wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick answer.
>> The page doesn't load because of the proxy settings.
>> In my enviroment the page loads (because of the existing proxy)
>> but "load finished" is not printed. ;)
>> With a stopped proxy (but enabled proxy settings) the "load finished"
> string
>> will be printed (and the page will not load). If i start the proxy ,the
>> string will
>> not be printed (but the page loads).
>> wtf? :)
> Perhaps the page is not actually finished loading....
> Darryl

Well, it seems that you are right. I have tested it with another small 
site and all worked as expected.
With a third test to a bigger site (heise.de) i found out that the proxy 
i use (micro_proxy) sucks. ;)
Thanks for the quick answers.


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