[PyQt] binary file viewer with textEdit (PyQt)

sandokan xproch13 at seznam.cz
Tue Jun 22 18:59:08 BST 2010

Hi, hope you can help me. I am trying to view whole contents of binary file
(PE file) in Qt TextEdit widget but still running into some problems (speed
is the main problem). I have tried these two ways:
1) converting data using "codecs"
s = codecs.open(self.filename,'rb','mbcs').read()
- this kind of works but is very slow....it take 10+ seconds to open  2kB
- reading is quite fast but displaying using setPlainText is tooo lazy
- I have also tried to append file line by line which was even slower (hower
I could at least process waiting events so the gui was not stuck during the
file load) .....
- also zeros (00h) are not displayed at all (not even represented by a white

2) displaying raw data which did not work at all:
file = open(fd.getOpenFileName(),'rb').read()
print file
- which prints file quite fine into console but displays only first ASCII
characters (actualy it displays "MZ" only) into textEdit widget
- using "self.ui.textEditAscii1.setPlainText(str(file))" did not change

Do you guys have any hint how to display larger binary files (let say up to
10-20 MBs) in textEdit widget without waiting more than few seconds?

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