[PyQt] QtWebKit segfault if libflashplayer.so is in plugin searchpath

Kay D dtc.kay at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 12:22:35 BST 2010

I did not started my planned PyQT flash research yet, but hope following
could give you some clues:

   - Flash uses gdk. Gdk uses a different X connection from Qt. This means
   that we have to flush the gdk display periodically. If you find your
   scrolling jittery, this is the case of that. In the ideal work, flash is
   supposed to use the Display provided using the npapi, but it doesn't.
   - Flash cannot paint on argb32 pixmaps since it does not use the visual
   provided using the npapi (it uses gdk_default_system_visual instead). This
   makes it very hard to implement transparency. For QWebView, we grab contents
   from the backing store to implement transparency. For all other cases,
   transparency is turned off (except when the default system visual is

Let me know if you'll find working PyQt\flash combination.

Best regards,
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