[PyQt] Adding a layout to a QSlider widget

"V. Armando Solé" sole at esrf.fr
Wed Jun 23 15:58:08 BST 2010

Christopher M. Nahler wrote:
> I am quite new to PyQt so there might be better answers but this is 
> what I would do:
> Create a standard QSlider
> Create another widget (depending on what the other widget should do)
> Create a QWidget (or derived)
> Put both Sliders in the QWidget and handle the layout here
> Use signalling between the two sliders to reflect changes of one in 
> the other

In fact that is more or less what I want to do. Simply I want to present 
the whole thing as just one QSlider to the parent.

My first idea was therefore to inherit QSlider and add a second "slider" 
consisting of two arrows and a line edit.

I think I will inherit from QAbstractSlider and implement everything 
from there. I could have saved some work if I could have inherited from 
QSlider, but it seems its painting interferes with any layout added to it.


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