[PyQt] Fails to compile on a virgin multilib system

appzer0 appzer0 at free.fr
Thu Jun 24 18:14:28 BST 2010

On 24/06/2010 01:03, David Boddie wrote:
>>> Maybe this bug has something to do with the one I posted at Nokia's bug
>>> tracker and which was fixed (QT wouldn't compile 32-bit build without QT
>>> already installed) :http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-8808
>> OK is there anyone to help me with my problem ? I just cannot get PyQt
>> to compile on my system right now. Do I need to ask somewhere else? Any
>> direction would be much appreciated.
> Could it be that you need to pass -m32 to g++ even when you are linking?
> David
> _______________________________________________
Thanks for your answer.

I fixed my problem, but not being a developer i wouldn't be able to 
identify the bug more precisely. I just force CC and CXX variable to 
include the -m32 flag.

After ./configure, I :

sed -i -e "s@= gcc& -m32 at g" -e "s@= g++@& -m32 at g" $(find . -name "Makefile")

... to force gcc and g++ to build in 32-bit mode.

Apparently, Qt had the same bug as one of their dev told me that he had 
to modify the CXX variable design to separate compilers from their 
flags. I don't specify -m32 in compiler flags but directly when calling 
the compiler so I suppose the problem come from there.

Anyway, I still believe this is a bug (all of my 360 packages always 
compiled fine this way), but we know of a workaround now.

The 64-bit build compiles fine FYI.



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