[PyQt] a subclass for a c++ object

Blaine Bell blaine.bell at schrodinger.com
Sat Jun 26 18:06:51 BST 2010

Ah, I see.  That is a very interesting problem.  I would think that it 
could be solved by using pointers to member functions, but upon reading 
up on those, it seems like it could be difficult to figure out whether 
the subclass has implemented that function (the way member functions are 
implemented could be compiler dependent as well).

Another way of potentially solving this issue would be to generate a 
boolean member variable that detects whether the SIP's class function 
has already been called (to avoid the recursion problem).  I think this 
would take into account the issue where the base function might call the 
same function, since its the same object, it would either always have a 
base function or not.

This could be a good enhancement for SIP (i.e., to add a boolean member 
variable for each member function, then check it before the subclass 
function is called).

I think having to implement all functions in SIP that are used in C++ 
has weird dependency issues.  If a programmer is working in just c++, 
they can break the SIP implementation without knowing it.

I would like to know what you think.  This enhancement could also be an 
option for class implementations if you feel it is a significant 
performance hit (it could be).  It could also be taken out for functions 
that are used quite a bit (using Annotations in SIP)

Thanks for your quick response! Its could to know how this works.


> SIP will generate a C++ reimplementation of flags() that works out if there
> is a Python reimplementation and calls it if so.
> If there is no Python version then it explicitly calls the most specific
> C++ implementation that it knows about. It has to explicitly call it (i.e.
> with an explicit scope) to avoid recursion. If you haven't told it about a
> more specific version (because it doesn't appear in the corresponding .sip
> file) then it can never be called.
> Phil

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