[PyQt] Help QX11 in pyqt

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Wed Mar 3 22:23:50 GMT 2010

On Wed Mar 3 12:51:32 GMT 2010, Anshul Jain wrote:

> I wanted to know how can I use the QX11EmbedContainer/ QX11EmbedWidget
> class in Mac OSX or windows. I know X11 is not supported by them by
> default.

You can't use the QX11Embed* classes on Mac OS X or Windows using native
builds of PyQt.

> Alternatively can anyone suggest me how can I create a process for 
> each tab i create in my application. This is possible using the
> QX11EmbedContainer class and QProcess class. Is there any other way?

You might be able to use the ActiveQt classes on Windows, and maybe there's
some way of using the Carbon/Cocoa APIs via a native Python API on Mac OS X.


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