[PyQt] Getting information about crash/lockup

Mikael Modin micke.modin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 06:33:17 GMT 2010


I'm developing a networked multithreaded application using PyQt4 v
4.7.4. I'm wondering if there are any tools available to see what
messages/signals are passed internally by Qt or if you can suggest any
other good debugging tips/tools.

My problem is this:
The problem is related to three parts, the main window, system tray
icon and a dialog. If I click a button that start things with main
window in normal mode or maximized mode and the dialog pops up
everything works fine. But If I click the same button, minimise the
window to tray and the dialog pops up the main Qt thread dissapear
from the Eclipse thread list in Debug perspective. And with it the
entire gui. Which at the moment only consists of the system tray icon
but I think the thread should keep running.

I'm not calling close on the window when minimizing to Tray, I'm just
hiding it with setVisible(false)
I'm using the pydev extension with Eclipse 3.5.2.
The other threads keep running without python exceptions.
I don't get any python exception from the main thread.
I tried running it through gdb with "gdb --args python main.py" to see
if I could catch an exception, signal something that way, nothing.
This makes me think that the thread somehow locks up completely and
therefore doesn't show up in Eclipse, but it doesn't crash.

/Mikael Modin

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