[PyQt] table view - large cell values - newbie question

Glenn Linderman v+pyqt at g.nevcal.com
Sat Nov 6 07:58:37 GMT 2010

Had the "aha" feeling recently when finally getting a Table View to 
work, so my display of spreadsheet-style data of more than a few entries 
was actually blazing fast, instead of dog slow.  Now I can start to be 
more esoteric.... but where to start?

Well, Excel and other spreadsheets have figured out how to allow empty 
cells to the right of a cell to be used to display a cell containing a 
long string.  By default, PyQt doesn't seem to do that.  I've been 
googling around, but haven't come up with the right search string or 
keywords (if there are any) to find any references to doing such a thing 
in PyQt.

It would be delightful to discover it is built-in, but that I haven't 
found it in the PyQt documentation.

Alternately, if anyone has any sample code or documentation pointers to 
get me started, they would be appreciated.
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