[PyQt] table view - large cell values - newbie question

Glenn Linderman v+pyqt at g.nevcal.com
Sat Nov 6 12:10:50 GMT 2010

On 11/6/2010 3:14 AM, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> On Saturday 06 November 2010, 08:58:37 Glenn Linderman wrote:
>> Had the "aha" feeling recently when finally getting a Table View to
>> work, so my display of spreadsheet-style data of more than a few
>> entries was actually blazing fast, instead of dog slow.  Now I can
>> start to be more esoteric.... but where to start?
>> Well, Excel and other spreadsheets have figured out how to allow
>> empty cells to the right of a cell to be used to display a cell
>> containing a long string.
> Well, you can define spanning cells, but you will have to do all the
> related work manually:
>   * span the cells, if they are empty
>   * unset the span, if neighbor cells get populated, etc.

Thanks for the response.

I will have to investigate spanning cells.  Wonder if the span stays 
with a visible row, or moves with the data when scrolling?  And if it 
would slow down things significantly, after I've just sped them up with 
the TableView?

>> By default, PyQt doesn't seem to do that.
> Yes, of course, because in 99% of all table view usages, this behavior
> is, ahem, undesirable.

In that case, I have constrained myself to 1% of all table view usages: 
I have always found this behavior extremely useful in spreadsheets and 
database views.  I wonder if your 99% number has statistics behind it, 
or is only an estimate based on your experience?
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