[PyQt] headerDataChanged connection: new-style syntax problem

Vicent Mas uvemas at gmail.com
Sat Nov 13 08:57:26 GMT 2010


I'm upgrading some code and moving signal/slot connections from old style to 
new style but I'm having problem with this line:

        self.connect(self.tmodel, QtCore.SIGNAL("headerDataChanged(int, int, 
int)"), self.my_slot)

where self is an instance of QtGui.QTableView and self.tmodel is an instance 
of QtCore.QAbstractTableModel.

I've tried:

1) self.tmodel.headerDataChanged.connect(self.my_slot)
2) self.tmodel.headerDataChanged[int, int, int].connect(self.my_slot)

and other variations with no luck. Could someone tell me how to convert it to 
the new-style syntax, please? I'm using Qt-4.6.3 and PyQt-4.8.



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