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James Polk jpolk5001 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 19:24:09 GMT 2010

Good Day to All,

Been writing code for years, but still a bit green when it comes to PyQt,
so please forgive my syntactically lacking question(s) ;-)

I'm hacking a derivative of the (famous?) packaged example that
comes with PyQt4 (and Qt), namely "basicsortfiltermodel.pyw"
from "../examples/itemviews" in PyQt4...

I've added a little popup menu (let's call this B.py) that one can launch
from the BasicSort-derivative (let's call this A.py).

I believe I'm correcting adding new data (a new record) to the
QSortFilterProxyModel().  (I think this because I'm not getting
any errors now, after some effort)  But I seem to be unable to get
the QTreeView to refresh.  I've scoured the Qt class docs and
Google'd the heck out of it  (seems like a common question from
the looks of it, lol)..

Now I know this is an ugly hack, but just to try to get it to work
(elegance can come later is my theory)...
At the bottom of A.py, I declared a global "wX",

    global wX;

    window = Window()
    wX = Window()

 so that when I hit a button later, I could more easily get a hold
of the "parent" value found in the runtime "createMailModel".
>From which I get the "model" handle..

        model = QtGui.QStandardItemModel(0, 17, WinX)

        addMail(model, "image",

Anyways,..I think this is working....
But after adding a new record via addMail(), I can't seem to get
self.proxyModel to refresh itself..

I'm pretty sure this a stupid newbie issue, lol....but could anyone
help shed some light on how to make this work?

Many Thanks,

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