[PyQt] GTK+ theme and anti-aliased fonts on CentOS 5.5

Almar Klein almar.klein at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 10:50:23 GMT 2010


I've build an application using PyQt running in Python 3. I am using CentOS
5.5 (using a virtual box) to build binaries which can be used on most
Linux'es, saving people from building  Python3+qt+pyqt+dependencies.

When I use this application from source on my laptop (Linux Mint 9), the
default qt theme is GTK+, and all looks really good.

However, when I run the same application on CentOS, the GTK+ theme is not
available, and the fonts look jaggy. Further, if I run the *binaries* on my
laptop, I have the same problem.

I've tried installing gtk2 and gtk2-devel (on CentOS), and rebuild Qt and
PyQt, but it did not help.

My questions are:
 - Why is the GTK+ theme not available on CentOS, since it's GNOME?
 - Same question for the jaggy fonts?
 - How can I get it to work, (if at all)?

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