[PyQt] Reporting Bugs in PyQt/Qt

Ian hobson42 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 18:44:58 GMT 2010

On 29/11/2010 13:09, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>> 4) My table has exactly 5 columns of data -
>> ['Name','Ref','Street','Town','Contacts'].
>> If I return 5 from columnCount() then I don't get any headers! If I
>> return 6 then the headers appear - and include an empty column on the
>> right.
>> Anyone know a work-round for this?
> Post a small runnable example that reproduces this, for example by
> modifying one of the examples coming with PyQt.
> Andreas
See http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ian.hobson/demo.py

This demonstrates two of the errors.

After opening, the icon in the first column shows "Ascending" and a 
click will convert it
to "Descending", leaving the sort in "Ascending".  Click away and any 
other column works
correctly. Click back to first column and it now works correctly.

If you edit line 50/51 as per comments, you can return the correct value 
from columnCount()
and the headers do not appear (which makes sorting difficult).



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