[PyQt] Observations with nesting-level: Performance of QTreeView

Knacktus knacktus at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 13 21:26:42 BST 2010

Am 10.10.2010 23:28, schrieb Baz Walter:
> On 10/10/10 18:39, Knacktus wrote:
>> Those results are very interesting! Thanks.
>> Just to confirm: You had 5000 items and to expand the whole tree took
>> only 0.67 seconds? Also, only 1 call to parent().
>> Now, that makes my wonder and hope. The main differences are that I'm on
>> Windows 7 and I'm using pyqt 4.7.4 (build on Qt 4.6 afaik). I've read
>> about some performance optimisation in Qt 4.7. That would be great news.
> yes, 5000 in 0.67 for qt 4.7 is correct. the only change to your
> previous example code was to replace the expand_all method with this:
I just installed Qt4.7 and can confirm your observation. Now, I'm at 
0.266 seconds compared to more than 90 seconds.

Sweeeeeeet. Thanks for your help!!


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