[PyQt] build pyqt for python2 and python3??

BLACK HAWK el_sakir12 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 07:04:58 BST 2010

hi guys,
i have question about building pyqt for both python2 & python3 on the same pc

i want to have both of them as i develop all my apps on python2 
and i want to start porting them to python3

i tried build python2-pyqt and all go well but i notic that some libs 
are installed in general places and the same places for python3

this will make python3 replace python2 installed file

so is there a way to build python2 and rename binary files to something like 
and for python3 it will be (py3uic4,py3rcc)
and do the same for all libs installed outside python dist-utils folder

i currently use ubuntu 10.10
and for building 
1-python2 configure.py ----> in case of python3 --> python3 configure.py
3-sudo checkinstall -D make install

thanks in advance...

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