[PyQt] upgrade to ubuntu 10.04 -- problem with graphics

Preisig, Heinz A heinz.preisig at chemeng.ntnu.no
Sat Sep 4 08:00:06 BST 2010

After upgrading Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 I encounter some problems with 
running a graphics application I built last year. It uses the mechanisms 
described in the example "elasticnodes". The two application represent a 
graph, which when moving the nodes also update the location of the arcs.

In both cases the arcs are not updated. In fact the example does not 
show the arcs when starting it. My application does show the arcs, but 
it does not update. I dug for some hours in the code, but could not find 
a problem. It seems it does not get into the "itemChange" method of the 
"QGraphicsItem" class. Some manipulations resulted in abortion of the 
task, which when running from within Eclipse did not produce an error 
message. From the terminal I got an occasional segmentation fault.

Has somebody experienced similar problems?

I should mention that I upgraded Ubuntu and did not do a clean 
re-install just as yet. I guess that would be the next step.

Heinz Preisig

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