[PyQt] Drop to system

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Thu Sep 9 01:17:59 BST 2010

On Wed Sep 8 22:33:17 BST 2010, Hugo Leveille wrote:
> I have looked at the doc but all I could find was drag and drop within the
> pyqt app itself. What id like to do is the, for exemple, attach an url or
> whatever needed to an item so that if I drag the item into my desktop, in a
> explorer window or whatever othe app that support drag drop, it will
> recongnize it
> Some if anyone is nice enought to give me a quick exemple or to point me at
> the specific exemple where it is shown, it would be very nice

It's been a while since I looked at this sort of thing, and the example I
hoped would help me remember doesn't actually do anything with URLs...

You need to set the URL of the MIME data you create when you start a drag


I seem to remember that you have to supply URLs for certain things to work
on certain systems, and this may mean that you have to save data to a
temporary file, then set the URL of that file, when filling in the MIME data.

Here is one way to do it that doesn't use a temporary file:


The Drop Site example in Qt is useful for looking at the MIME types of data
dragged from other applications. It would be useful if someone ported that
to PyQt.


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