[PyQt] Howto use the Qt documentation successfully - Was: Re: Access to lines of text on textEdit.

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Sep 14 23:47:58 BST 2010

On Tue Sep 14 22:59:29 BST 2010, Peter Milliken wrote:

> Exactly how does one find a "matching zip" archive? :-)
> I have looked and they don't make it easy!

This is because PyQt 4.7.x is used with Qt 4.6.x.

> For example, how do I navigate to the 4.7.6 "matching archive"? Foolishly I
> thought that if I just used your link and changed the numbers it would work
> - foolish boy!


You need to get the archive for Qt 4.6.3 for your favourite platform.

> Any clues how to navigate through all of this? It certainly isn't easy for
> people who want to "migrate" to PyQt! The learning curve seems to be
> littered with quite unnecessary pitfalls such as supplying an "Assistant"
> in the distribution but no documentation to use it with! :-(


I thought that there might be some pre-built QCH files on the Qt
documentation site, but apparently there weren't. However, some have now
been copied into the following location:


Please say if these give you any problems.

> I am starting to think I might have been better off staying with Tkinter
> and its derivatives...

I don't think I've ever been tempted to go back to Tkinter, even when the
argument has been that it's one of the batteries included with Python.


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