[PyQt] QtWebKit problem with GoogleMaps 'UI' (mouse events)

Mikołaj Kiereś mikolaj.kieres at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 11:03:44 BST 2011

I'm new here so sorry if this problem appeared and I haven't found it in 
some kind of mailing archive.

I'll describe a little my problem. I'm trying to make application with 
googe maps in it. So I'm using QtWebKit
and QWebView. Everything was fine until Google was supporting the Google 
Maps JavaScript v2. Map was
displaying correctly and the mouse events were handled as well 
correctly. Now when there is only v3 version
avaible, Map 'UI' is (have no clue why!) setting up as a touchable, when 
in fact I'm running this application
as a desktop application (on my notebook).

I've searched for the solution almost everywhere and only thing I've 
found was this thread


which says that QtWebKit has to be recompiled :/

I was curious if there is same problem with maps.google.com and gues 
what? Everything is FINE.
So maybe the recompile isn't necessary after all, is it?
I hope you guys will be able to help with this issue

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