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Jason Rahm J.Rahm at F5.com
Mon Apr 11 19:14:28 BST 2011

Python 2.7.1 / PyQt 4.8.3 / Qt 4.7.2

Marrying the GUI components to processes that come fairly easy to me on the cli is a struggle for me at this point.  I have a mainwindow and some dialogs, all of which I can open ok and do some processing, etc.  What's difficult for me is figuring out where to draw the lines between application function and GUI control processing.  For example, I have a main window and one dialog that connects to a device for authentication.  The dialog has the lineedit widgets for collecting the username, password, and host and was designed with Designer.  Currently, my code looks like this:

class Main(QMainWindow, Ui_mw_Editor):
    def __init__(self):

        # This is always the same
                # QActions on Editor Menubar / Toolbar

    def connectDialog(self):
                self.connectdlg = ConnectDlg()

class ConnectDlg(QDialog, Ui_dia_connect):
                def __init__(self):

                def button_click(self):
                    self.host = self.cb_hostname.currentText()
                    self.uname = self.le_username.text()
                    self.upass = self.le_password.text()
                    #print "Host is %s, Username is %s, Password is %s." % (self.host, self.uname, self.upass)

That works.  Now to the questions on approach:

1.       Should I move each dialog's code into a separate file and import it to keep the main window code clean?

2.       I'm still unsure how to pass data back from a dialog to the main window.   If I set the call to the dialog in the main class to a variable, would any object I return from the dialog be an attribute of that object, or would I need to create n objects for each object being returned?

3.       Does the return command destroy the dialog, or do I need to have a self.accept before the return?  The dialog closes, but I'm not sure what's proper to ensure cleanup in the backend.

Basically, just reaching out to the pros for some simple guidance on approach.  Thanks,

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