[PyQt] Error while installing PyQtMobility 1.0 on Ubuntu 10.10

chinakr chinakr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 11:13:17 BST 2011

I want to create a simple recorder and I tried QtMultimedia module.
Then I met 'ImportError: No module named QtMultimedia'.
I found the error reason via google, that is:
I also found PyQtMobility 1.0 and tried to install it on my Ubuntu 10.10.
I did it as follow:

$ tar zxvf PyQtMobility-gpl-1.0.tar.gz
$ cd PyQtMobility-gpl-1.0/
#official instruction
$ gvim README
$ sudo aptitude install qtmobility-dbg
$ sudo updatedb
$ sudo locate qmobilityglobal.h
$ python configure.py --help
  -n DIR                the directory containing the QtMobility header file
                        directories [default: /usr/include/qt4]
$ python configure.py -n /usr/include
This is the GPL version of PyQtMobility 1.0.
QtMobility 1.0.2 is being used.
PyQt 4.8.3 is being used.
Qt v4.7.0 free edition is being used.
SIP 4.12.1 is being used.
The QtMobility package will be installed in
The QtMobility .sip files will be installed in /usr/share/sip/PyQt4.
The QtMobility modules are being built with generated docstrings.
The QtMobility modules are being built with 'protected' redefined as 'public'.
Generating __init__.py for the package...
Generating the C++ source for the QtContacts module...
sip: /home/chinakr/src/PyQtMobility-gpl-1.0/sip/QtContacts/qcontactaddress.sip:37:
Cannot mix %AccessCode and %GetCode or %SetCode
Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

I tried to google with 'Error: Unable to create the C++ code', but
found nothing.
What should I do now? Any suggestion?

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