[PyQt] Question on QTreeView, interactive expanding/collapsing

Zoltan Szalai defaultdict at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 22:29:36 BST 2011

The "*" key expands all children but you can easily implement your own 
expand / collapse subtree functionality.


On 2011.04.19. 23:09, James Polk wrote:
> Greetings All,
> In a typical QTreeView,...the default behaviour of clicking on a "plus 
> box",
> i.e. the branch boxes of the tree, yields a "single box open", or in 
> the case
> of collapsing, a "single box closed" event.
> Is there any way to use a keyboard modifier, like SHIFT, CTRL, and/or ALT,
> to expand or collapse the *whole* tree?
> Many other similiar tree structures in other software have this feature.
> For example, holding down CTRL and ALT and clicking on any box will
> unfold/expand (or collapse) all nodes/branches from that node and all 
> below.
> Is there something I'm overlooking? Is this (re-)implementable ?
> Many Thanks,
> -Jim
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