[PyQt] Kudos

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Wed Apr 20 08:15:27 BST 2011

On Tue, 19 Apr 2011 22:03:05 -0400, Eric Frederich
<eric.frederich at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Phil,
> I recently built some Python bindings (using Cython) for a 3rd party
> library that had to be built using Visual Studio 2005.
> Its great having these bindings and being able to use Python.
> Unfortunately, to install any other Python modules I have to build
> them myself as nobody offers versions using Visual Studio.
> When I wanted to start using Qt from Python I initially chose PySide
> for its more liberal license and because as of their 1.0 release they
> had Windows support.
> Building it was an absolute pain.  I had to fix some scripts here and
> there.  The resulting install didn't even have uic and I was
> instructed to copy it from the official binary release of the PySide
> Windows installer.  After doing this it wouldn't compile my .ui files
> and just error out.
> I compiled the .ui files using the PyQt pyuic4 and got PySide to work
> Because of all those problems I decided to give PyQt a go on Windows.
> Sip installed no problem.
> PyQt gave me some trouble using "configure.py" because I had a space
> the path of the source directory that I was running configure from.
> After moving it to a more boring "C:\PyQt-win-gpl-4.8.3" it installed
> fine.
> I wound up having a problem with pyuic4 also just like I did with
> I dug into it a bit and it was a case of me not having built the
> pyexpat module.  After building it and putting pyexpat.pyd in the DLLs
> folder pyuic4 worked just fine.
> Makes me wonder if thats what PySide was missing as well.
> In any case, for now I'll be using PyQt.
> One thing that PySide did nice that PyQt didn't do was get the Qt dll
> files copied into the the Python installation so that everything was
> self contained.
> It would be nice not to have to have end user's of my programs have to
> do a full Qt install when they'll only be using it from PyQt.
> Anyway, just wanted to say kudos to having a relatively pain free
> installation experience on Windows (with Visual Studio 2005 anyway)
> compared to the "competition".

Why not just use one of the PyQt binary installers which includes a copy
of Qt built with a decent compiler and extras like SQL plugins?


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