[PyQt] Using layouts in a tab widget

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sun Apr 24 16:03:34 BST 2011

On Sunday 24 April 2011, 14:11:49 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 24.04.11 07:10:24, Sarah Mount wrote:
> > Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I couldn't find an answer
> > to it on the using-containers page or on StackOverflow. I have a
> > bunch of tab widgets that need to have appropriate layouts applied
> > to them and to the tabs they contain. Working with the .ui files in
> > Qt4 Designer, I notice that if I click on an individual tab inside
> > the tab widget, then it is by default marked as "break layout",
> > like every other widget. If I then try to apply a layout to the
> > tab, the layout instead gets applied to the whole tab widget. So,
> > to get around this I could put a GroupBox or Frame inside each tab
> > and give that a layout, but this seems long-winded. Is there
> > something obvious I have missed or does Qt assume that each tab
> > will have a container widget placed inside it?
> I think I'm misunderstanding something, if I click on tab in designer
> and select a layout that layout is applied to all widgets in the
> client-space of the tab. Its not applied to the tabwidget, i.e. it
> does not lay out the tabwidget with all sibling-widgets you may have
> in the base widget.
> You can select a different tab and apply a different layout to that
> tabs client space using the same procedure. This is also reflects in
> the object tree, where you can see an imaginary intermediate QWidget
> between the tabwidget and all the widgets you place inside the client
> space. And thats where the layout is applied.
> If you need to layout different groups of widgets inside the
> tabwidget with different layouts, you select those that should get
> into the same layout and layout them. Then you select a layout for
> the whole client-space. You can also layout groups of other layouts
> of course.

An additional reminder:

Using z-level grouping widgets like QToolBox, QTabWidget and 
QStackedWidget in designer, remember to:

	* add a layout to every "page" widget¹
	* check the tab order on each page

¹) a warning in designer to prevent this would be really nice


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