[PyQt] Newbie resizing dock widgets question

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Tue Apr 26 22:08:35 BST 2011

Make sure you are using a QMainWindow. Adding a dock widget to a QDialog 
my result in problems such as non-movable, non-resizeable, etc

On 2011/04/26 10:45 PM, David Boddie wrote:
> On Mon Apr 25 21:50:43 BST 2011, Sarah Mount wrote:
>> In designer-qt4 the object inspector, widget box and so on seem to be
>> QDockWidgets. I'm making a GUI in Designer that I want to be similarly
>> structured. In designer the edge of each QDockWidget can be grabbed
>> with the mouse and resized, but in my GUI this isn't possible. I
>> *think* I've set all of the dockWidget properties and the widgets can
>> be closed and floated, but not resized. Have I misunderstood this? Is
>> there some sort of splitter object that needs to be placed between the
>> dockWidgets? Or some property set in the layout managers?
> Which version of Qt Designer are you using? Did you manually place the
> dock widget into a layout?
> In older versions of Qt Designer, dropping a dock widget onto a main window
> form simply left it floating, unmanaged, unless the central area was
> managed by a layout. In newer versions, the dock window is automatically
> docked by default - at least, it seems that way.
> If you have a dock window embedded in a main window, and you can't move it
> when you preview the form, try breaking the layout of the window, selecting
> the dock widget, and setting its docked property to true. It should appear
> in one of the dock areas around the sides of the window and be handled
> separately to the widgets in the main window itself.
> David
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