[PyQt] [SIP] import Failed with Debug module

Kermit stef.kermit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 15:18:03 BST 2011


i try to debug a c++p extention, wrap with sip

primary dll in release mode   OK
wrap dll/pyd ,compile and link in release mode OK
import in python with python release 2.7 OK

all is right, my import is succefull


primary dll in debug mode OK
wrap dll/pyd compile and link in debug mode OK

import in python with python debug 2.7 :

ImportError: No module named HelloWorld

i check with dependency walker for check .... dependency : all is righ

i excute my python console side to my new extention, but i add the path in
sys.path both

do you have a suggestion for this import problem ? another test to do  ?


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