[PyQt] problems with populate qtablewidget

Tony Peña emperor.cu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 15:05:24 BST 2011

 hi, some can help me with my little bit code
http://pastebin.com/uyiiEYTvin this i have 2 problems...

 1st. when i populate qtablewidget inthe debugger i can read all rows and
columns value, 1 by 1.. but just show me out in the application 3 columns
2,3 and 4 with all rows values ..

and 2nd problem is when i update again set ok the X,Y with new values but
continues inserting Rows at the end of qtablewidget

 i guess the InsertRow could be the problem BUT, if i don't have that line..
all updates i do never see the values since 1st time

so my table is always blank.. (maybe have other way to put the insertrow 1st
time and reset for the again update)

any ideas?

 i'm stuck here :S

Antonio Peña
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