[PyQt] Next PyQt and SIP Releases

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sat Jan 15 07:57:54 GMT 2011

The current PyQt and SIP snapshots can be considered as release

>From the PyQt NEWS file...

  - Added the QPyNullVariant class to the QVariant v2 API to allow null
    QVariants to be implemented.
  - Added the optional type keyword argument to QSettings.value() to allow
    the type of the returned value to be specified.
  - QDeclarativeItem will now act as a transparent proxy from any QML
    signals and JavaScript functions.
  - Any QObject invokable methods can now be called transparently even if
    they haven't been explicitly wrapped.
  - Converted the Reference Guide to Sphinx.
  - Bug fixes.

>From the SIP NEWS file...

  - Added support for the __getattribute__, __getattr__, __setattr__ and
    __delattr__ methods.
  - Added the /RaisesPyException/ function annotation.
  - Added SIP_SSIZE_T as a predefined type.
  - PyObject * can now be used as a synonym for SIP_PYOBJECT.
  - Added sip.ispycreated() to the sip module.
  - Added the --deployment-target flag to configure.py for MacOS/X.

I'll make the releases towards the end of next week.


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