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I accidentally mailed below message only to Sebastian, repostion to groups.

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Kimden: Yaşar Arabacı <yasar11732 at gmail.com>
Tarih: 01 Temmuz 2011 12:07
Konu: Re: [PyQt] translation of ui
Kime: Sebastian Wiesner <lunaryorn at googlemail.com>

Thanks, appearantly I also needed to create a .pro file for pylupdate to
know which files to convert to. I created a language file and translated it,
but how would my application use that translation file?

01 Temmuz 2011 11:44 tarihinde Sebastian Wiesner
<lunaryorn at googlemail.com>yazdı:

2011/7/1 Yaşar Arabacı <yasar11732 at gmail.com>:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I was wondering how can I generate translation file for a ui generated by
> > QtDesigner. I have no early experience of using translations, so I can't
> > figure it out how to make this work. Should I mark strings in my main
> module
> > or  does QtDesigner somehow provide it for me?
> You don't need to "mark" strings in UI files.  Just use "pylupdate4"
> on UI files as you would use it on python files, and translations will
> be extracted from UI files, too.  If you load or compile UI files,
> PyQt generates the necessary code to translate the user interface.
> Sebastian Wiesner
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