[PyQt] Possible bug in SIP

Tony Lynch tlynch at xype.com
Mon Jul 11 12:12:11 BST 2011

Hi Phil


I'm using SIP to wrap a large C++ library and am very impressed with the
results so far - you've got an annotation for most of the use cases I'm
interested in. However, I think I've found a bug. I've copied in below
my own 'description to self' of the problem, if it is not sufficient for
you to see the problem then I'll knock up a test case (let me know).


When the wrapper for a class or one of its super classes indicates
'virtual' for a method, a wrapper class is created in SIP called e.g.
sipIwBrep, that checks if the python instance has an override method for
the virtual call. If not then it calls what it thinks is the correct
superclass call. However, it's idea of the correct superclass call (in
this case the superclass being IwBrep)  is actually calculated from the
wrapper declarations and it effectively finds the nearest superclass
where the relevant function is wrapped. In the case of this bug,
IwObject was the first superclass to have IsKindOf in the .sip file, so
sipIwBrep was incorrectly calling IwObject::IsKindOf instead of


I cannot see any reason why the SIP-produced subclass does not always
call the method on the immediate superclass (i.e. the wrapped class, in
this case IwBrep).


I hope the above makes sense,



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