[PyQt] Possible bug in SIP

Tony Lynch tlynch at xype.com
Wed Jul 13 15:47:19 BST 2011

> > I can work around the issue here by either (1) redeclaring in sip all
> base
> > class 'virtual' methods in all the derived classes
> That's not a work around - that's what you are supposed to do, ie. tell
> SIP about all the implementations.

Ah - ok, I've been looking at the sip qt wrappings as a model (for obvious reasons) and didn't notice that you had done that for the virtual methods.

> With this particular example you might choose not to wrap getTypeId()
> at
> all and instead use it to implement %ConvertToSubClassCode.

Yes - I've been using %ConvertToSubClassCode to great effect in other areas.

On another note, I've created a pyparsing parser of .sip files because I need to extend SIP somewhat, others users might find it useful - is the wiki a good place to put it?


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