[PyQt] SIP sytax error

Vivek Narvekar Vivek.Narvekar at mscsoftware.com
Tue Jul 19 08:05:44 BST 2011



I am badly stuck up with some SIP syntax. Please help.

I am trying to upgrade SIP files, which were originally written for SIP
version 3.3, to a newer version SIP 4.7.9


1)       I have a class member function, written in one of the SIP file,
which looks as below.

double* GetIcValues(); 


           int i;

         int num;

           double *XIC=0;

           PyObject *XList=PyList_New(0);


            //Some code



         return XList;  




Here, first thing that I did was, replace %MemberCode With %MethodCode.
Hope that this is correct.

Then, it gives me an error for return type as follows.

unsupported function return type - provide %MethodCode and a C++

It seems like, returning pointer is not allowed in newer version of SIP.
What should be done to get rid of this error ?



2)  If a function takes a argument as void (eg double* AFunc(void); ) it
gives following error. 

unsupported function argument type - provide %Method code and a valid
C++ signature





3)      Also, constructors are not working properly eg. If I have a
constructor as follows, then,

     class AcGSE 



            AcGSE(const int, const double* );


         int nRows;

         PyObject *dList;


      //some more code





It gives following error.

unsupported ctor argument type - provide %MethodCode and a C++ signature





I'll be really thankful, If I get any help on this.


Thak You



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