[PyQt] How do I work StatusTip of QMenu?

bluekyu bluekyu.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 13:59:34 BST 2011

Hello! I have a question.

I want to add statusbar tip of menu not a action in menu.
So, I just set a statustip to QMenu returned by 
I thought it should work because QMenu inherits QWidget has 
'setStatusTip' method.
But, it does not work, instead, some widgets (ex, push button) work.

is there a bug? or do I have problem?

Thank you.

I found a trick. Because QAction work, I set a statustip to QAction 
returned by "self.menuBar().addAction(...)." Then, I set a menu to 
QAction and it works well.

And I tested them in Kubuntu 11.04, KDE 4.6.5, Qt 4.7.2, PyQt 4.8.2, 
python 3.2 and Windows XP, PyQt 4.8.4, python 3.2.

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