[PyQt] Some advice needed please

Martin Airs camberwell at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 22:05:41 BST 2011

Good evening all,

I'm trying to create a very simple chat window, with a QLineEdit at the bottom 
and a box above for the text.

however when enter is pressed in the QLineEdit, I would like the text to be 
put into the box at the bottom just out of view, and then scrolled smoothly 
upward into view, preferably with an easing curve.

I thought about using a QGraphicsView and QGraphicsScene and having each line 
of text as a QGraphicsSimpleTextItem or a QGraphicsTextItem whichever supports 
word wrap, that way i could put the text on the scene just out view.

but then is it possible to move the whole scene up smoothly to bring the text 
into view, or would it be better to select all the items on the scene and move 
them up leaving the scene static.

is there an even simpler way using a scrollview of some kind, or am I just 
barking up the wrong tree completely.

I hope this doesn't sound too confusing, but I wonder if someone with a bit 
more experience than me could suggest and easy way of doing it.

Thankyou very much in advance


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