[PyQt] Debugging in windows

Luke Campagnola lcampagn at email.unc.edu
Sun May 15 05:22:02 BST 2011

I have just compiled PyQt 4.8.4 in WinXP using MinGW from the Qt SDK. I
configured both sip and PyQt with --debug turned on (but had to modify the
makefiles to link against python26 instead of python26_d). My problem right
now is that these did not produce importable modules (for instance, I have
QtCore_d.pyd installed instead of QtCore.pyd). If I recompile without the
debug flag, everything works fine (but I get no debugging symbols via GDB).

Am I missing something obvious here?
Are there perhaps any hand-holding documents describing how to get
debuggable pyqt on windows?

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