[PyQt] cascadeSubWindows oversized

Pietro Moras studio-pm at hotmail.com
Thu May 19 19:16:01 BST 2011

Dear Sir,
   In debugging an existing application based on PyQt4 (4.8.3), while “.tileSubWindows” method works ok, with all sub-windows correctly dimensioned to fit into the host window, the “.cascadeSubWindows” generates child windows by far too large for the available room.

(?) Any idea what / where to look, so to fix this odd behaviour? 

Plus, I must confess that documentation I've got so far: 
-- PyQt 4.8.3 Reference Guide and Class Reference
-- M. Summerfield “Rapid GUI Programming with Python and Qt”
resulted of very little help, so far. My fault, probably...
- P.M. 		 	   		  
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